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The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith doesn't serve just one type of student - we serve ALL of them. This is why we work hard to provide a large number of renewable institutional scholarships to help students reach their individual goals. 
Whether you are a traditional undergraduate, a transfer student, or returning to college after a break, we have scholarship opportunities available for you.

Important Scholarship Information

  • UAFS scholarship recipients must meet all university admission requirements and maintain full-time enrollment (at least 12 credit hours per semester) while receiving most university scholarships.
  • Equivalent SAT scores will be considered in place of the ACT score.
  • UAFS tuition scholarships are not stackable. This means that if a student qualifies for multiple tuition scholarships, they will only be awarded the one with the highest eligible value.
  • Students must be degree-seeking at UAFS and therefore must declare a major by the end of their first full year.
  • A student's official UAFS email account is the primary form of communication for all scholarship communication, including notification of awards and/or application requirements. Students must monitor this account to receive scholarship information from the Office of Financial Aid.

All scholarships are renewable based on the terms and conditions of each contract. For this reason it is important to save all documentation. UAFS policy does not allow the Office of Financial Aid Office to hold or reinstate scholarships. However, we understand that unforeseen situations can occur. An appeal process is available to students who have experienced hardships due to: 

  • Personal/Immediate family member* illness
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Military deployment
Requests are reviewed by a committee, and all decisions are final. 
Please contact Financial Aid to schedule an appointment if you feel you meet one of the qualifications for a hold/reinstatement.

*Immediate family is defined as father, mother, sister, brother, spouse, child, grandparent, grandchild, in-laws, or any individual acting as a parent or guardian.